Our 10 Community Guidelines

Includeed makes every possible effort to manage a transparent and reliable platform. Our aim is to enable employees, job seekers and customers to anonymously and freely interact with companies, and share their personal experiences. We want people to be able to participate without fear of negative consequences.

In order to ensure that high-quality, genuine and reliable information can be safely shared by the users of Includeed, we have taken the time to produce this set of important and essential guidelines for sharing content on Includeed.

Be Truthful

Your stories must reflect your own personal experiences. You must have directly experienced or witnessed the situation(s) you are speaking about in your story.

Stay Up-To-Date

The personal experience you are writing about in your story must be considered within the corporate context of the company in question. If the company has clearly improved its practice since the time of your experience, it would be unfair to publish a story reflecting problems that have been fixed for a length of time. That is why we ask you not to submit stories that reference experiences which took place more than 5 years ago .

Be Respectful

Includeed fosters respect, and does not tolerate any form of insult, obscenity, hate speech, or threatening or discriminatory language. Stories that include content of this kind will not be published on the platform. We ask you to make every effort to be respectful and polite, despite the fact that you may be dealing with subjects that invoke a strong reaction.

Stay Focused

Your story should relate to diversity issues, and include at least one of the 8 diversity topics that we explicitly address on our platform. These are Gender, Age, Ethnicity & Nationality, Sexual Orientation, Ability & Health, Mental Health, Religious Beliefs, and Socioeconomic Status. Each story must relate only to one specific company at a time. Avoid any personal discussion or commentary in your story.

Be Objective

IIncludeed fosters objectivity and accuracy. We encourage you to include both positive and negative comments in your stories to maintain balance, as well as to suggest solutions for improvements. Be as objective as possible when you grade a company and award it a score that is most appropriate to your story. Do not submit excessively biased reviews that are aimed primarily at damaging the reputation of a brand or individual, or incite the community to do the same.

Be Relevant

Includeed seeks to provide the community with high quality and impactful stories. When you propose one or more solutions to help a company improve its diversity, refrain from suggesting any ideas that would be nearly impossible or extremely complex to implement. This is because companies may consider your solutions in the future, and use them if they are potentially actionable.

Protect Yourself

Make sure that, when writing your story, you do not reveal any personal information about yourself that could enable any third parties to identify you (e.g. your name, email address, social media contacts, phone number, social security number, unique job title, etc). Stories including any personal information that makes it possible for third parties to identify you will not be published on the platform.

Respect Confidentiality

Your story must NOT reveal any confidential information or professional secrets about the company that you are reviewing. We will not publish any story that include information that makes it possible to identify a third party (e.g. names, email addresses, social media contacts, phone numbers, social security numbers, unique job titles, etc). That is why we ask you to avoid using sentences such as, "My colleague David..." . Instead, you can substitute, "One of my colleagues...".

Avoid ‘Text Speak’

Please avoid the use of abbreviated words and ‘text speak’ in your stories. We understand the desire to write naturally, and grammar does not have to be perfect, but to avoid mistakes and aid comprehension, we ask you to use only words that the majority of people are likely to understand.

No Illegal Contents or Advertisements

Any content including promotional messages and/or promotional links will not be published. Also, any content that is linked to illegal activities will not be published. Finally, if you post copyrighted material that you do not own, your content will not be published.