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Want to join us in the workplace revolution?

We're a small, close-knit team who gets things done, and has a good time doing it. We come to work overflowing with inspiration, and ready to turn the next company into a place where every employee can truly be themselves.

We come in all forms and colors. We are extraverts and geeks.

We are Swiss, Italian, Serb, Albanian, French, Vietnamese, Tunisian, Portuguese, Turkish, British, Canadian and American.

We are straight, gay, and anything in between. Men and women. Religious and atheist. College graduates and autodidacts.

We are coffee lovers and tea addicts. iOS worshipers and Android believers.

Most importantly, we all have the same dream, which is that everyone can live what we live.

Do not hesitate to apply spontaneously
Just send us your resume, and tell us what brought you knocking on our door.

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Do you wish you could work in a fun, creative environment where every brain and heart can be fully expressed? Are you passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, and ready to disrupt the sector using the power of technology?

Consider applying to work at Includeed and browse our open positions. You may just be who we’re looking for.

Lead PHP Developer

  • 1 year contract
  • Deadline to apply
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Starting April 2017

Data Analyst & Product Developer

  • Internship
  • Deadline to apply
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Starting April 2017 for 6 months

B2B Sales

  • Internship
  • Deadline to apply
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Starting April 2017 for 6 months


  • Volunteering
  • Ongoing
  • Home-based
  • Time according to availability

Why work at Includeed

{{ "The atmosphere has always been very welcoming, made up of colleagues that work together but also of people who support each other. That's how a stimulating working environment should always look like." | characters: 1200 }}

Francesca C.

{{ "I love how Includeed combines a young, dynamic and laid-back atmosphere with an always professional way of working. In my opinion, it's a one of Includeed's biggest advantage." | characters: 1200 }}

Annie C.

{{ "I loved that I was always able to make suggestions, to broaden my areas of reponsibility. I enjoyed feeling a real Incluteam member and never felt I was given the tasks of the intern." | characters: 1200 }}

Quentin B.

{{ "Amazing colleagues! I loved the diversity of the team, their diverse personalities. I loved being part of it!" | characters: 1200 }}

Tanya M.

{{ "I've developed so many different and key skills. And I'm always learning new things, which is someting that I'm passionate about!" | characters: 1200 }}

Zoran B.

Life at Includeed