Here are the 5 key values on Includeed.


Includeed is a platform that enables the community to develop practical and achievable solutions for equal opportunities in the workplace. We’re stronger together if we can give constructive criticism to one another in a safe space.


You should feel free to express your opinions and share your ideas on Includeed. We preserve your anonymity completely so you won’t have to fear any backlash for your views. Find out more about how we guarantee your anonymity on Includeed by checking our FAQ page.


Our independence as an organization is crucial to protecting the identity of our users. It also ensures that diversity solutions are developed directly from your input on the platform. We will never give in to pressure from third parties to comply with any decision that contradicts our values.


We believe welcoming different backgrounds results in a richer debate than we would have otherwise at Includeed. This can only happen if all of our contributors are treated with the respect they deserve. That’s why any comments we consider to be aggressive and/or discriminatory will not be published on the platform. Find out more about our moderation policy by checking our FAQ page.

Everybody wins

Includeed is a platform for everyone, since we only discover the most creative solutions in dialogue with one another. This is true whether someone is an employee, job seeker, customer, diversity professional or a company. By joining the Includeed community, everyone’s voice can be heard safely.