How Includeed was born

Imagine how it would feel if you lived in a world where there was only one version of everything. A world where there was only one way to get things right.

Where you wouldn’t have the chance to change anything. Where nothing would ever be different from what you knew and had already seen. What a nightmare!

The reality is, many workplaces actually feel like this. With Includeed, we wanted to change that. We wanted to take what makes museums so incredible, what makes music so amazing that anyone can find what they like among it, and apply it to workplaces.

We’re talking about diversity. But not diversity in isolation. It’s diversity combined with genuine acceptance. It’s diversity combined with true inclusion.

Our credentials

Before starting work on Includeed, we’d been immersed in the diversity field for 7 years. We’d had the chance to meet and work with hundreds of amazing organisations and companies, and to support them in their Diversity & Inclusion efforts. During this time, we’d been struck by how often employees and customers weren’t involved in the development of initiatives being directed at them at all. There was frequently little communication, and sometimes even fear, between the people in power, and the ones who the changes were intended to affect.

Includeed was born

We decided to develop a solution to open a dialogue between companies, employees, and customers.

We imagined a format that would enable all three parties to speak the same language, and would guarantee they’d be heard on a platform shared by all. We came up with a place where they could share their ideas and resources. Where they could unleash the new and the innovative to make the lives of everyone easier. Includeed was born.

We shared our vision around the world with diversity actors, community players, and corporate leaders. We spoke to employers and employees. Recruiters and job seekers. Companies and customers.

And we’ve surrounded ourselves with amazing people to make it happen.


Our vision

At Includeed, we want to live in a future where:

  • Employees feel free to be themselves and express their full potential at work.
  • Candidates have a thorough understanding of all aspects of jobs they’re applying for, including workplace culture.
  • All customers, not just a few, have their needs satisfied by companies.
  • Companies care about their work environment. They know how to and guarantee to make it a safe place where everyone can work and thrive.
We want everyone to wake up in the morning with a feeling of safety, acceptance and inspiration. Free from bias. Free from judgement. We want people to be able to build healthy relationships at work, to feel a sense of self-worth, and to be recognized for their unique value and contribution. We want people to develop, create and progress in working environments where every soul is respected, and every brain free to process information in its own way.

We’ve been recognized for our work

If you had to remember just one thing about Includeed

In your lifetime, you’ll:

  • Celebrate your birthday with 17 million people.
  • Have an average of 17 friends during school.
  • Walk the equivalent of 3 times the circumference of Earth.
  • Laugh on average 18 times a day.
  • Eat 30 tons of food, and drink more than 9,000 cups of coffee.
  • Spend 10 years at work.
At Includeed, we want to make sure you can be yourself during every minute of your lifetime.