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What is Includeed?
Includeed is an online community platform that enables employees, job seekers and customers to review chosen companies based on their diversity efforts, and ultimately identify the most inclusive companies.
Companies can use Includeed to showcase their successes surrounding diversity and equal opportunities, discover best practices and improve their diversity results.
What is our vision?
At Includeed, we want to live in a future where:
  • Employees feel free to be themselves and express their full potential at work.
  • Job seekers have a thorough understanding of every aspect of jobs they’re applying for. They can take an inside look into workplace culture.
  • Companies care about and know how to create a positive work environment for their employees. They guarantee to make their company a safe place where everyone (rather than just some) can work and thrive.
  • All customers, not just a few, have their needs satisfied by companies.
What are the problems currently relating to diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
61% of employees don’t feel they benefit from equal opportunities at work because of their gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental health, religion or socioeconomic status.
Quick facts:
  • In 2015, the World Economic Forum (WEF) forecasted it will take 117 years to reach global gender parity.
  • Women are, on average, currently paid 20% to 30% less than men.
  • Proportions of people in leadership today are 63% white male, 24% white female, and 3% women of ethnic minorities.
  • 60% of LGBT graduates who openly express their sexuality at university go back into the closet when they land their first job. This is because they’re often afraid of being judged and discriminated against in the workplace on the basis of their sexual orientation.
  • Someone named Mohammed has to send out 5 times more applications to get a job interview than someone named Michael.
  • Unemployment is 2 times higher for people with a disability than for the general population. This huge difference in unemployment rates isn’t fully explained by the severity of the disability making work impossible.
There are many other examples of people being discriminated against because of a characteristic they have that deviates from the norm. Feeling invisible at work strongly affects their sense of wellbeing.
The consequences for employers are severe. A lack of inclusion leads to lower employee engagement and customer satisfaction, higher staff turnover, and a loss of clients to competitors.
All of this emphasises the importance of fostering inclusion in the workplace. Strategic diversity management has a big impact on improving business performance.
What diversity topics are covered on Includeed?
Includeed covers every dimension that we feel represents a side of someone’s identity. A detailed description of each topic can be found on our Diversity Topics page.
Who is the Incluteam?
For more information about the Incluteam, read Our Story and Our People’s profiles.
What value does Includeed bring to society?
  • Includeed allows employees, job seekers and customers to identify the most inclusive companies. They will be able to make more informed decisions when choosing a future employer, or choosing a company to purchase from.
  • Includeed allows companies to better grasp what is needed ‘in the field’. They can focus their Diversity & Inclusion strategy on what really matters, enhancing employees’ wellbeing, and customer satisfaction.
  • The fact that all company reviews and inclusion scores are publicly accessible on the platform fosters positive reinforcement between companies as they compare themselves to others, and stimulates them to take concrete action.
We can’t guarantee that every company featured on our platform will take concrete action, but we promise to make every effort to guide them to create change, and a win-win outcome for everyone.
Why is it beneficial for companies to be reviewed?
Includeed gives companies the opportunity to capture feedback from their employees, candidates and customers. This will help them to understand diversity-related issues better, and prevent negative consequences arising from their stakeholders’ dissatisfaction.
By seeing what change is really needed, companies will be able to focus their Diversity & Inclusion strategy on what really matters.
They’ll be able to build resilient, transparent and inclusive environments with the power to attract and retain top talent. Staff members can fulfil their potential in an environment shaped just for them.
Thanks to Includeed, companies will be able to create brands that continue to appeal to a diverse customer base, and will keep on growing into the 21st century.
What is Includeed’s relationship with companies?
We partner with companies to support them in their drive to ensure their members can thrive, and fulfil their potential in the environment that is shaped for them. This is what makes Includeed the changemaker for the future of workplaces.
By doing it this way, we not only have the chance to co-lead the change we desire, but can also guide our partners towards more transparent interactions with their employees, candidates and customers.
Despite our partnerships, Includeed is an independant organization. Our independence is crucial to protecting the identity of our users, and ensuring that the solutions developed come directly from our users’ input to the platform.
We will never give in to pressure from any third parties to comply with a decision that contradicts our values, or breaks the trust of our user community. We will always be true to ourselves.
Includeed is a platform for everyone. We only discover the most creative solutions in dialogue with one another. This is true whether someone is an employee, candidate, customer, a diversity professional or a company.
How do we guarantee our users can express themselves safely?
When using Includeed, people must feel free to express their stories and ideas, without the risk of paying a high price for their candour. Protecting our users’ anonymity is one of our core values, and is one of the benefits of using our platform.
In order to prevent anyone being identified:
  • We do not link any personal information with content that has been created (stories, questions, solutions), the reviews submitted, or any other action taken on the platform.
  • We guarantee that we will never use the information we hold about our contributors to identify them individually, or allow them to be identified by third parties such as companies.
  • We do not publish any content that includes personal identification information. For example, a social security number, passport number, national identification number, insurance number, driver's licence number, immigration number, or any other similar number, code, or identifier.
Find out more about how we guarantee anonymity on Includeed by checking our FAQs.
How do we guarantee that a mixture of positive as well as negative content is posted on Includeed?
To ensure our platform is effective, we need content to be submitted that is of good enough quality to be used by companies to create positive change.
Therefore, we’ve developed a thorough content submission process to ensure we end up with a good balance of positive comments and constructive criticism.
  • Members of the Includeed community are changemakers, not haters. They choose to engage with our platform in order to create value for themselves, the people around them, and the companies that matter to them. We’ve developed an ethos oriented towards the development of solutions and innovation, and encourage constructive criticism.
  • We personally moderate all of the user-generated content on Includeed. If a story, question or comment doesn’t respect our Community Guidelines, we ask our users to modify it before we publish it. If the story still does not respect our guidelines, it will not be published on our platform.
  • Companies are given the chance to answer questions and comments directed at them so they can provide a balanced perspective on what’s happened. Allowing both parties to contribute also helps to ensure the solutions being proposed are the best they can be.
If you’d like to spread the word about Includeed, direct your inquiries to We look forward to hearing from you.