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{{ "No more blind guessing when you go for a new job. Read real reviews of the companies you’re interested in written by people who have worked there to get a clearer perspective on what it might be like. Ultimately, choose companies most likely to fulfil your needs." | characters: 274 }}

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{{ "Other members of the community will share their first-hand experience of working at companies with you. This will enable you to make better decisions about your future job because you’ll have more to inform your decision than official material" | characters: 274 }}

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{{ "If you’re still unsure about the answers to any questions that really matter to you, you can ask a company to disclose missing information. You can also directly ask them specific questions" | characters: 274 }}

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Choosing the right job means choosing the right working environment. Only in the right environment can you give it your best, make the most of your skills, develop your career and assist your employer to achieve its goals. The results you can achieve will be highly dependent on the work environment you’re in, and we’re committed to helping you choose the right one. Includeed helps you unleash this win-win scenario.

Other aspiring candidates

When encountering a company’s culture for the first time, it’s important to have an idea of what you should expect. Sharing your own first-hand experiences with your former employers will actually help other job seekers just like yourself to make the right choices.

Your future employer

In the event that you pick the wrong company, this can be an expensive mistake, both for you, and your new employer. We enable you to access all the information you need before making the crucial decision, and to share your needs and wants with the company, before you join them. This will minimise the chances of making costly mistakes.

Why job seekers
love Includeed

{{ "Usually I would go by word-of-mouth when choosing a job. Includeed is a powerful platform that will help to boost inclusion in business around the world, because they make the data available for everyone." | characters: 274 }}

{{ "It’s very valuable to have such a great database about the level of diversity within organisations. It gives a great first impression to me as a candidate of which company may fit my values and meet my needs." | characters: 274 }}

{{ "People need more transparency when they’re choosing companies for the next step in their career path. Includeed gives this to me." | characters: 274 }}

{{ "Includeed helps me to see beyond the shiny images, videos and big words in job descriptions, to the real company behind the marketing." | characters: 274 }}

We care about you.

At Includeed, we know it’s vital to create a safe, protected space where constructive conversations can happen easily. Our goal is to support you to speak freely and honestly with the people who matter, without paying a price for your openness.

Obtaining first-hand information from employees who work at your prospective companies is easy and safe. We ensure we keep your identity anonymous throughout the entire process, and guarantee that your information will never be shared with anyone.

These aren’t just words. This is our commitment to you.

If you want to know more about how we keep you safe, read our FAQ.