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{{ "Review the companies you care about" | characters: 50 }}

{{ "Evaluate your current and former employers. Let them know what they’re already doing well, and what could be improved in the future."}}

{{ "Ask companies to disclose information that matters" }}

{{ "If your current or former employer hasn’t published vital diversity numbers, ask them to disclose the information you’re seeking - and don’t forget to let them know why it’s so important to you." }}

{{ "Share your story, ask questions, and give advice" }}

"Tell people what it’s like to work at your company. Anonymously ask questions to your employer and put forward your own solutions to the issues you’re facing."

Use includeed to positively impact the people around you.

Use Includeed to support:

Your company

Building an inclusive, positive and supportive work environment is the responsibility of everyone.

Safely sharing your point of view with your company is the first step towards letting your employer see what needs improving. It will help the people in charge to understand how they can create an environment that supports you to achieve your goals. It ultimately increases the likelihood of your own company’s success.

Aspiring candidates

Building a picture of a future work environment is incredibly important to job seekers when considering a new opportunity. Sharing your first-hand experiences helps many candidates to vastly increase their chances of making the right choice.

This will ultimately help you and your company to attract top candidates who perfectly fit your culture, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It could also be helpful when you’re next looking for a job yourself, and planning your next career move.

Your colleagues

Because we’re so busy, we don’t always notice what’s happening around us. If you’re aware of any inclusion issue concerning your colleagues, make sure you take steps to address it.

Sharing this information safely is vital to making sure the right people are informed, and that you contribute towards improving the working life of your colleagues.


It’s very likely that your company is already engaged in improving Diversity & Inclusion at your workplace. But it’s also likely that they aren’t considering all specific issues that concern you.

By safely sharing your story, or suggesting solutions to improve your life at work, you’ll make your employer aware of anything they’re missing right now.

Helping your company to build a really inclusive work environment means creating a place where you can thrive, feel supported to achieve your goals, and develop your career.

You will create a workplace that you love.

Why employees
love Includeed

{{ "Finally, a tool to motivate companies to become more inclusive, reach gender balance, and hire employees who represent all races, genders and backgrounds." }}

Employee at Deloitte

{{ "A platform to impact such a hot topic. I myself faced challenges when a company’s promises and values didn’t correspond to reality." }}

Employee at IFLRY

{{ "Includeed is a third party trying to make employers’ diversity statistics visible. It’s so useful for the tech industry where I work." }}

Employee at Microsoft

{{ "Finally, an initiative that tries to help those without privilege, and who feel the full force of the wind in their face. And it’s hard work, trust me." }}

A self-employed professional

{{ "Includeed is a great concept and a helpful tool for those looking to apply to work at diverse companies. Or, like me, striving to make my own company diverse." }}

A business owner

{{ "It’s a great platform for making companies more transparent about their culture, policies and diversity goals." }}

An anonymous professional

{{ "I like seeing the big companies’ diversity scorecards ranked transparently." }}

An anonymous professional

{{ "It’s a neat tool to learn about diversity within my organisation." }}

An anonymous professional

{{ "Includeed triggers a lot of curiosity, and asks lots of questions. It’s about getting information from the source (the employees), rather than imposing ideas onto users." }}

An anonymous professional

We care about you.

At Includeed, we know it’s vital to create a safe, protected space where constructive conversations can happen easily. Our goal is to support you to speak freely and honestly with the people who matter, without paying a price for your openness.

Sharing information on the platform is easy and safe. We ensure we keep your identity anonymous throughout the entire process, and guarantee that your information will never be shared with anyone.

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