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{{ "Includeed makes your job easier by giving you insights about the daily reality of diversity within a given company. You can access the stories of real employees, candidates and customers." | characters: 200 }}

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As a diversity professional, you will have the competencies and experience needed to identify potential problems before they even arise. You can support companies and provide value by proposing solutions to address issues before they spiral out of control. Includeed helps you identify those companies in need of help, and to access insider information from employees.

Your business

Includeed is a great ally for your business. We can identify companies which are at risk of suffering from Diversity & Inclusion problems, and are there for you when you’re looking for a solution. We’ll help you promote your company’s profile on Includeed and participate in conversations on the platform with the aim of resolving issues.

Employees and aspiring candidates

Helping companies to address their D&I issues ultimately helps employees and aspiring candidates to find a better work environment. A place where exclusion and discrimination belongs to the past. This helps you work more effectively and supports your professional and personal goals.

Why diversity professionals
love Includeed

{{ "Includeed gives access to crucial, often undisclosed, information about diversity, bringing awareness and making change happen. " | characters: 200 }}

Yann Borgstedt, Founder of Womanity Foundation

{{ "Includeed can be the Glassdoor for diversity and equality. Where we can ask: what is it like to work there? How can I truly be myself?" | characters: 200 }}

Stephen Frost, Principal at Consultancy Frost Included

{{ "The platform can really help report on the success stories so that we can follow them and identify the companies that are doing a good job." | characters: 200 }}

Caroline Casey, Founder BINC & Ashoka Fellow