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Attract, retain and engage top talent. Build a brand that appeals to a diverse customer base.

Our Mission

We help you build a resilient, transparent and inclusive company with the power to attract and retain top talent due to your diverse and inclusive culture.

We will support you in your drive to ensure that your staff members can thrive, and fulfil their potential in the work environment you shape for them.

You will create a brand that continues to appeal to a diverse customer base, and keeps on growing in the twenty-first century.

We support you in your Diversity & Inclusion journey

By following our three-step process for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), you will ultimately generate a virtuous circle in your business. Your diversity investments will be reflected in improved business performance.

Our Process

Inform the world of your successes with your customized Includeed profile

how it works

  • We create your profile on Includeed that you can use to showcase your diversity efforts to your employees, prospective candidates and your customers.
  • You can customize your profile by adding diversity facts and figures about your business. You can also use it as a forum where you can post videos and pictures of your accomplishments, or to promote your events.
  • We help you digitally capture what makes your company a unique and inclusive place to work. We promote your company by featuring you in our newsletters, articles and social media posts which go out to our wide, international audiences.

Identify the needs of the people who matter to you, and allow them to provide solutions to your diversity issues

how it works

  • Your profile is a place where you can interact with your employees (anonymously), as well as prospective candidates and customers. This will allow you to hear their true needs from your company.
  • Use Includeed to crowdsource innovative solutions to your diversity issues from the community, that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.
  • Our analytics dashboard means you can make sense of these data, identify pain points, and focus your energy and resources on the tasks that really matter.

Improve your D&I strategy and hit goals with tailored action plans

how it works

  • Go one step further and audit your current Diversity & Inclusion strategy with our online software. Generate action plans based on your unique needs.
  • Our algorithms enable you to estimate the financial cost of non-inclusion in your company. This is a great tool to refocus your strategy to where you’re currently wasting the most resources.

Why Companies
love Includeed

{{ "Includeed enables companies to understand how they are perceived by people outside and inside the organization. They helped us to identify how we need to communicate our D&I topics based on data they provided." | characters: 1200 }}

A Diversity manager at Nestlé, Switzerland

{{ "Includeed will bring more transparency in the D&I field and companies will be able to benefit from it by taking action on issues that arise from that transparency." | characters: 1200 }}

Sander van 't Noordende, Chief Executive of Products, Accenture, United States

{{ "Includeed’s financial calculator of non-inclusion will really help us go beyond the ‘inclusion is good for performance’ rhetoric - it will help us to do more." | characters: 1200 }}

Kristen Anderson, Chief Diversity Officer at Barilla, Italy

{{ "Includeed does not define diversity. It’s kept open for individuals to define it themselves. And as a diversity manager, I could not have made a better choice." | characters: 1200 }}

A Diversity manager